Welcome to Astrobelief a place where we provide Astrology Services, Occult subjects like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, etc. have greatly fascinated and charmed people since the dawn of civilization. People have been greatly interested in the inference of their past, present and future from the alignment of their stars. Vivek K Dubey & Pankaj Kumar Mishra having expertise in Astrology , & Gems Stone was giving Solution to people come to them since last 9 years. You know what is vedic birth chart (Janam Kundli), you know it is a chart which is made on the basis of the planetary positions above at the time of birth. This also knows that the Janam Kundali can help you see what the destiny waits for you.

Our horoscope predictions are based upon most exhaustive calculations, such as Dasha Transit, Bhavbal, Yogas which provides different kinds of planetary strengths, and four kinds of Dasa with sub-period details. The predictive part contains Bhav, Dasa and transit Phal. In the Bhava Phal each house results are given separately, taking account of all planets and their aspects we come to a result whatever it is positive or negative.