Judge Rahu in Birth Chart | राहु अच्छा या बुरा

Rahu in Astrology Astrobelief

Rahu in Astrology | Astrobelief

Rahu in Astrology is Mysterious & Planet for Greediness, Obsession, Extreme Desire. How to Understand the Positivity and Negativity of Rahu in Our Birth chart. To Judge, the Rahu Placement in our birth chart Must

  • 1st Assume the Lagna like its friendly Ascendant or Enmical Ascendant for Rahu,
  • 2nd- Analysis of the Depositor of Rahu and their Placement in chart.
  • 3rd- Check the Nakshatra & Placement of Nakshatra Lord in Chart.
  • 4th- Check the Aspects of Rahu along with the Aspects of Other Planets on Rahu.

If the condition mentioned above all are in Positive direction then Rahu is Obvious Good for you & Same Vise varsa. For more detail watch Full video


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